Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken + Lazybone Configuration

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    Credits to Lazybone for the back aura and the Characters provided.

    Only the Auras have changed in the characters nothing more...oh except Gohan...

    They are also meant as means to provide you with an option to change the auras without having to do all that crap before. OR you can just read the change log and the READ ME note.

    Soo i guess we can take SSBKOK off the list? lol

    Comments below!

    Lemme know what you wanna see next. Ultimately i will be touching base again with SS1 2 3 and 4 but Golden Frieza needs its fixes too.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Click to install/uninstall.


    Read the Change log

    Ok so back then you had to do a lot of crap just to get the auras to work well you have 3 options.

    YOU SHOULD ONLY BE DOING #3 IF 1 AND 2 FAIL but to be honest 3 is most likely your issue!

    You can use my Aura change folder to download the Lazybone Roster Characters that i've customized to have Vanilla Auras. This means this fixes the issue of: Boost loops, ki charges and Henshin starts not showing up on screen. There is a Note that also points out which Aura ID's are Vanillas and which were Lazybones Henshin starts. For those that would preferably reach into the skills themselves and use his over mine. No hurt feelings :)

    2: You can simply reinstall LB's New Transformations Installer and in the settings select "Xv2 Style Auras" Which should do the exact action as your doing for #1. Doing this action is low key faster but if you feel just in cause you wanna thoroughly get the auras you want you'd be doing #1. You would just be installing the Characters that in that folder have Vanilla assets.

    3; If all fails coming to my attention a while back when I reinstalled some of the characters is that you can go into the Xv2installer and look at the skills of the characters an example as most of you might have first, The goku slots 1, 2, 3, so on so forth are gokus lazybone skills. Another example lets say Gohan. He would have something like SS1-2-PU.

    Vegeta, Gogeta and Vegito all have their skills in that way so its most likely in there as "Vegito Variation" or "Vegeta Variation" Those are the LB skills. Just uninstall those and install the Aura Changes Folder.



  • event_noteChangelog


    Sooo yeah the READ ME Folder and the Installation area pretty much covers up everything.

    SO that part about Gohan!

    Gohan's PU state has been buffed you may use it if you want. It was just the fact that Gohan should never be that weak.