Super Saiyan Everything 2.0

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    Initial Release 1.0 - Slight fix on installer mistake on my part

    • Requested by Dragonheart84

    Transformation Line: - Both Saiyan Male And Female SS1-SKK-SS2-SS3-SS4-SS5-SSG-SSB-SSBKK-SSBKKx10-SSBKKx20-MSSB-SSBE-UI-MUI-OMNISS

    I'm now taking requests again for Transformations. There will be rules now so I can get everyone a chance and get out the transformations in time for the next one to be made. The previous Super Saiyan Everything skill pack won't be getting updated due to it claiming a lot of my time, my apologies. A list of people who requested will be at the bottom of this description and will be getting updated when more requests come in. There will be a limit for how many can request, so if the descriptions say Full, Max, or Exceeded limit... Then you'll have to wait later to request or your request will be put on hold or ignored for the time being which could end up being forgotten. Please look at the set of rules below for better understanding.


    1. PLEASE send your requests to my Discord [desultory#2268] with your Transformation Line!
    2. Make sure it DOES NOT GO ABOVE 18 Transformations, or your request will be ignored.
    3. There will ONLY be 1 Transformation Request made PER person, so please don't go requesting for multiple...
    4. Please provide me with an ALIAS you'd like to go by as it will be used in this description alongside your request.
    5. DO NOT ask me to make a transformation not specific to Dragon Ball as for example... Sasuke's curse mark, Meliodas Demon Form, Asta's Demon Form etc...
    6. And Finally... please be patient with me!

    Completed Requests List:

    • Dragonheart84 ✔

    Requests List: 8/8 Requests Limit Full, please wait until some space clears out!

    • Soul-eater-666 ☐ - Next 
    • Inuyasha fan ☐ - Soon
    • Chrislange181 ☐ - Soon
    • JDude ☐ - Soon
    • Rayz(Mojoz) ☐ - Soon
    • Daystar ☐ - Soon
    • SaikuX ☐ - Soon
    • Vader ☐ - Soon

    Changes from Previous Super Saiyan Everything...

    • Omni Super Saiyan Male Face Texture has been Fixed
    • Omni Super Saiyan is now Available for Females
    • There will now be no Interruptions during Transformations so Transforming animations can now finish before getting interrupted by enemies, especially in ultra instinct going into mui and/or omnissj...
    • There will now be a [No Hair Change] version for those who prefer it.
  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Install Lazybones New Transformations Installer & Azura’s Aura Installer

    & then make sure to read [Hair id's and Important Info.txt] within this file

  • event_noteChangelog

    Initial Release 1.0 - Slight fix on installer mistake on my part

    • Requested by Dragonheart84