Super Saiyan Everything Transformation Skill?

  • descriptionDescription

    Version 5.4 -

    Omni God Super Saiyan (Solo) Added -

    Version 5.3 -

    Inuyasha fan Reqeusted Transformations Added -

    Super  Saiyan All (Among the Gods) [MALES ONLY]

    Transformation List:


    Super Saiyan All (SSKK/SSJ5)

    Transformation List:


    Version 4.3 -

    Suzaku Seikun Requested Transformations Added -

    Super Saiyan All (LSSJ + God of Destruction)

    Transformation List: (SS1>SS2>SS3>SSG>SSB>SSBK>SSBKX10>SSBKX20>SSBE>LSSJ>SSRose>GodOfDestruction>UI Sign>MUI)

    Version 3.3 -

    Kefla Requested Transformations Added -

    Super Saiyan (G,B,BE,UI,MUI) -

    Transformation List: (SSG>SSB>SSBE>UI Sign>MUI)

    Version 3.2 -

    Daniel Villalobos Requested Transformations Added -

    Super Vegeta All (SSBE-SV3-UI Variant) -

    Transformation List: (SV1>SV2>SV3>SV4>SSG>SSB>SSBE>UI(Sign)>MUI)

    Version 3.1 -

    Kite/Crunchy gingerbreadman Requested Transformations Added -

    Super Saiyan All (SSBE wSSJ4 Variant) -

    Transformation List: (SS1>SS2>SS3>SS4>SSG>SSB>SSBE>UI Sign>MUI)

    I have gotten some request for re-edit/adding transformations into the list... I will be working on some of those requested, and some others may not be possible at the moment...

    This is an old skill that I re-edited maybe at the end of 2018 I believe... Or probably at some time at the beginning of 2019, I don't know... It's not much really but I just decided to upload it now since I don't want to keep it to myself if anybody out there wants it...

    This is of course based off Lazybones transformation mod, only just re-edited...

    Transformation List:

    Super Saiyan 1>Super Saiyan 2>Super Saiyan Rage>Super Saiyan 3>Super Saiyan 4>Super Saiyan God>Super Saiyan Blue>Super Saiyan Blue Evolution>Super Saiyan Rosé>Ultra instinct (sign)>Mastered Ultra Instinct

    I really didn't know what to call this besides super saiyan everything lmao, I mean its kind of what this is...

    Now given the list of the hair ID's in lazybone's mod, everything should be the exact same hair ID's in this mod as given in his notepad... whatever I'ma just put the hair ID's in a notepad anyways...

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Install Lazybones new transformations installer & Azura’s Aura Installer

    & then you can install this x2m file

  • event_noteChangelog

    Version 5.4 - Omni God Super Saiyan (Solo) Added

    Version 5.3 - Inuyasha fan Request Added

    Version 4.3 - Suzaku Seikun Request Added

    Version 3.3 - Kefla Request Added

    Version 3.2 - Daniel Villalobos Request Added

    Version 3.1 - Kite & Crunchy gingerbreadman Request Added

    Alex Fenix Request Super Saiyan Vegeta All Update/Fix

    Version 2.1 - Alex Fenix Request Added

    Version 1.1 - Now For Saiyan Females

    Version 1.0 - Initial release