Supreme God Transformation for CaC

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  • descriptionDescription

    Adds a new transformation to be bought from Skill Shop, inspired by Merged Zamasu's look.

    Stats are better than any vanilla transformation in every aspect, but I have tried to keep it from being too broken. They were buffed from last versions, as I have felt the form was too weak for what it was supposed to be.

    The version 3.0 was remade from scrach, now it uses the hair model ripped from the official Fusion Zamasu. The halo is still made by me, as I wasn't able to extract it, but it's bigger and better positioned. There should be no more problems with female human animations.

    UPDATE I've added version without the halo to be used with Fusion Zamasu's moves that spawns another one.

    Special thanks to

    • Kuran Helix for Portugal translation
    • Bureiku Saikusu for testing the new version
    • Xan for his Zamasu Fusion Mod, that I have analyzed and learned a lot
    • SSB SK007 for his almost-in-english tutorials
    • eternity for his amazing modding tools
  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Choose if you want halo or not by installing proper x2m archive. Use eternity's ModInstaller. If you update from version 2.0 and lower, I highly recommend uninstalling the mod completely and reinstalling it!

  • event_noteChangelog

    1.0 Release

    1.1 Added a replacement file, that makes this mod compatible with my Transformable Female Hair mods

    1.2 Added male transformation

    2.0 Remade to ensure compatibility with other bcs-editing mods, updated to work with new game version

    3.0 Remade from scratch. Stat boosts buffed, halo is bigger and better positioned, hair is from the official Fusion Zamasu, there should no longer be any problems with human females. Tested on DLC Pack 4

    3.1 Added version without the halo

    3.2 Added Portugal translation

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