Swole Mode

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    I finally relearned to Bonescale so i made this mod. (SYM/HUM) In the future.

    I hope to make (SYF/HUF) Version

    Here is a lesson: when you make you awoken skill (open up the X2m) there should be an XMl file right under skills open it up and you gonna want to assign a new body ID number after that go to the Bac file open that up through genser and look for Parameter in transformation control and apply the new body ID number in all Transformation control sections then you be good to go in making a new CAC body for your awakening skill (winks)


    ==Very Important-- You need to uninstall any other skill that changes the size (Meaning you can't have Male version and the Female version active at the same time) or else you'll get an error!



    Enjoy :)

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