Syn’s XV2 Shader

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    This took me more then it should have.

    This is My Personal Shader that I'm sharing with everyone.

    Basically another Anime Shader to add to the list.

    With one model swap on God Goku. Replaced the boots with Blue's Boots so the tie would not be the red.

    Bonus is a Manga Styled Krillin from the Full Colored Manga. White eyes not skin eyes. This is an optional file don't worry

    Completed List

    • All Characters in the Roster Up to DLC 7 & Mentor Costumes
    • All Villainous Mode &¬†SuperVillian Characters.
    • Supreme Kai of Time
    • Tokitoki
    • Old Kai
    • Bulma
    • Guru
    • Dende
    • Shenron
    • Great Apes
    • Demigra
    • Ultimate Mira
    • Corrupt Merged Zamasu
    • City Robots
    • Saiyan Pod (Cutscene One)
    • Nemekian Frog


    I have started CaCs but don't expect that done soon it took me over a year to finish this much. Also want to add in the HUB Vehicles.

  • speaker_notes Installation


    After Installing XV2 Patcher by Eternity (Found Here)

    Drag & Drop the Data in the main Xenoverse Folder.

    Steam/steamapps/common/DB Xenoverse 2 or Equivalent Path.

    Then you are good to go.

    Optional file is for Krillin's eyes to be white instead of his skin tone.

    Colored Manga Style Krillin as I call it.

    Just drag & drop like before, but this one goes after so it can replace the right files.

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 Release


    • Darkened UI Goku's Hair
    • Gave Ginyu's Horns some Shine
    • Added the Conton City Vehicles
    • Added the screenshots


    • Darkened Goku Black's Hair
    • More Screenshots (Total 42)

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