Taru – a Non-Mary Sue CaC

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    Now, BEFORE anyone starts bashing this thing in the comments...


    I say this because this is a SERIOUS problem from what I've seen on pages for CaCs that I found genuinely interesting. I've seen people harshly bash uploaded CaCs because they're "cringy OCs, self-inserts, and OP Mary Sues" to the point where I don't see many of them anymore. What these people don't SEEM to understand is that Xenoverse and Xenoverse 2 are games ABOUT OCs, self-inserts, and sometimes, yes, OP Mary Sues. I strongly feel that hating on these things takes away from what the game is about. If you don't like uploaded CaCs, don't check them out in the first place. There's no need to go to a CaC page and go out of your way and make someone feel like dirt because you don't like what they uploaded and, if I may be honest, it won't benefit you. If anything, it will make you look bad and only stir up trouble. And I don't think anyone sincerely wants that. I'm not hating on these people, but I am being real with all y'all. Now, with that LECTURE AND A HALF out of the way, lets get into the actual description, shall we?

    This is Taru. A Saiyan named after Taro Root, which is a root from India that, when cooked, is soft and a little sweet almost like a sweet potato, and is somewhat toxic if not cooked first. There's nothing particularly special about him. He's more or less just some Saiyan amongst a sea of other Saiyan Time Patrollers. The only things really worth noting about Taru is that he made his own clothes and he's not really powerful compared to other Time Patrollers. He may have his own Super Saiyan variant, but he learned it from a friend that taught it to him over the course of several years (whom shall be released at a later date). On top of that, in a never-ending stretch of Saiyan Time Patrollers who can go Super Saiyan Blue and sometimes even Blue Evolved, Taru can just barely become a Super Saiyan God. That's it. He's not ridiculously strong, he's not anyone special, he's just some dude and that's just about it.

    As for Taru Black, that's just admittedly VERY flimsy what-ifery on a whim because it just kinda makes sense to me that Zamasu would want to switch bodies with a Time Patroller so he could use their body to freely travel through time so he can carry out the Zero Mortal Plan throughout all of existence. It's not because he would think Taru is strong. This is more like Zamasu making do with what he had on hand during the events of Future Trunks Arc DLC... somehow. I won't claim to know how, because I don't. Xenoverse 2 makes time travel more confusing for me than Z and Super already did, what with Zamasu suddenly becoming aware of the Time Patrol almost out of seemingly nowhere and whatnot in it.

    In any case, I hope some of you sincerely appreciate the time and surprising amount of effort I put into these, as simple as they may seem (I had to rip apart and reassemble A LOT of stuff for these two and they overall took me about a week to finish).

    Additionally, I wish you all a good day. 


    Hair made by Super Johnny God  - https://xenoversemods.com/uploader/super-johnny-god/

    SSG and SSR animations made by Lazybone - https://xenoversemods.com/uploader/lazybone/

    Zetsumei Bullet for CaCs made by halloweenpandas - https://xenoversemods.com/uploader/halloweenpandas/

    Bandana, Time Ring, and Potara made by loriscangini - https://xenoversemods.com/uploader/loriscangini/

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