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    I'm back with part 2 of Tatoma's pack!

    This time Cell Saga to Xeno Saga.

    After their fight against the Androids on the mountain side road, the Z-Fighters return to Kame House to recover from their battle. Trunks had gone after Vegeta who needed some time to cool off on his own, and Piccolo had gone off to fuse with Kami. During this time, that the Z-Fighters are using to Rest, Piccolo discovers the vile Cell, draining the life from an innocent town. Cell is slightly stronger in this version of the story since he has an extra set of Saiyan Cells to work with, but is still no match for Kami and Piccolo combined. Sensing the danger, Krillin, Trunks, Tien, and Tatoma all dash over to the sight of the conflict, to find Cell about to launch a Solar Flare. He blinds the Z-Fighterz and flies away as normal, and Piccolo explains the situation as Vegeta Arrives. Vegeta, frustrated beyond belief that Piccolo is now stronger than he is, and that this disgusting insect monster is as well, flies off in a rage, and Trunks flies off after him. Tatoma, wanting to console the prince, flies after them as well, leaving Tien, Krillin, and Piccolo to talk about the new plan going forward. All the time the Androids had made their way to Goku's house and where now on their way to Kame House. Tatoma and Trunks try to talk Vegeta out of this small rut he has gotten into. The Androids arrive at Kame House, and Piccolo convinces 17 to fight him somewhere else. In the meantime Goku recovers from his virus, and takes Gohan to where Tatoma, Trunks, and Vegeta are. He tells them about the Time Chamber and they fly to Kami's place.

    Vegeta and Trunks go into the Time Chamber, leaving Goku, Gohan, and Tatoma outside to wait. Cell absorbs 17 and Tien appears to save the other 2 Androids, firing his Shin Ki-Ko-Ho on the monster. The Saiyans sense this and they begin to consider leaving to help him. Tatoma proposes that since Goku and Gohan are the ones going in next, she should be the one to go. Goku, knowing Tatoma won't make it in time, grabs her hand and Instant Transmissions them to the island. Goku grabs Tien and Piccolo and returns to the Look Out, leaving Tatoma behind to fend off Cell until Vegeta and Trunks got out of the chamber. Tatoma, without the power of Super Saiyan is almost powerless to deal with 2nd Form Cell, is in serious danger of losing. The entire fight, Cell is trying to get away to chase Android 18 and 16. Eventually the fight is moved to above the Archipelago where they are hiding, and Tatoma finally pins Cell into a real fight. But unfortunately for her, 2nd Form Cell is far too powerful for her. he is about to finish her off, but form nowhere a ball of energy hits cell, sending him into the ocean. Yamcha had showed up and landed his Spirit Ball on Cell as a Surprise Attack! Cell rises from the ocean and glares them both down before smirking and flying towards the two. Together they can barely hold him back. Cell charges up a massive blast that he fires into the ocean, destroying half of the Archapeligo in the process, sending water into the air to blindside Tatoma and Yamcha, allowing Cell to grab Yamcha, and toss him into her, knocking them both out.

    They both plummet towards the island 18 and 16 are hiding on and Yamcha wakes up just in time to catch Tatoma. Cell slowly descends on them before a voice from above says "I wasn;t expecting the mighty Cell to be having such issues with two weaklings!". As cell looks up, Vegeta and Trunks had arrived, and Vegeta's Fight with 2nd Form Cell was about to begin. Yamcha carries Tatoma off to the Look Out to get her healed up, as the fight on the island rages on. From here the story is more or less the same as well, except for once Goku and Gohan leave the Time Chamber, Tatoma goes in, and she asks who will be the one joining her. Piccolo steps forward, but then, she looks to Yamcha, the weakest of the Z-Fighters and asks if he would like to join her. SHe says they could both use the training, and once they where out Piccolo could have his turn. Yamcha considers this and thinks about how little of a chance he stood against Cell. He happily accepts the offer, before Vegeta steps between him and the door, demanding that Tatoma was completely useless to them while she can;t become a Super Saiyan. Tatoma was kind bumbed Yamcha couldn't join her, since she has kinda developed a small crush on him, but she accepted Vegeta's mentorship. She apologizes to Yamcha and enters the Time Chamber with Vegeta after Tatoma puts on some of Bulma's freshly made training armor. Before going in, Gohan stops them and tells Tatoma that if he can do it, so can she. Gohan and Tatoma had become good friends over the course of their training for the Androids after Trunks showed up to defeat Frieza. She and Gohan had become close, so she took his advice to heart, and entered the Time Chamber with Vegeta. Tatoma doesn't do much during the 10 days before the Cell Games, but she DOES make sure to track down Yamcha, and train with him a little. She even manages to get Yamcha up to Tien's Level, which at the time impressed all the Human Z-Fighterz.

    The day of the Cell Games arrives and Goku is first on Cell's chopping block (after Mr. Satan of course, who Tatoma finds VERY funny rather than annoying. She thinks it's cute a weak little human would try to fight Cell, what a laugh. She got much enjoyment out of it.) As Goku hands the reigns to Gohan however, he receives extreme backlash from BOTH Piccolo and Tatoma. Tatoma is furious he would allow poor innocent Gohan to fight this monster alone. Goku demands they all stand back and allow Gohan to do this. They tell Goku that if Gohan is even CLOSE to losing they WILL step in. They continue to fight and Gohan is about to lose, which prompts Cell to testGohan's patience, by creating the many Cell Jr. to fight the Z-Fighters (Making one more then in the show to account for Tatoma). The Z-Fighters fight for their lives as Gohan watches in terror as his friends are beaten to pulps. Tatoma and Yamcha are doing just as well as anyone else though, all that extra training did them good. Tatoma finally unleashes HER Super Saiyan form and it enables her to Tango with two of the Cell Jr.s to give Yamcha a quick chance to catch his breath, but she was still horribly outmatched. Soon the Cell Jr.s had them defeated, and the events that came to unleash Gohans rage and become a Super Saiyan 2 pass. Tatoma is taken back by Gohan's ability to become so strong. And watches on as the rest of the battle continues as normal. But once Cell fires his Kamehameha at Gohan, and Vegeta rushes in to hit Cell, Tatoma also flies in with the prince, the two Super Saiyans BLAST Cell from both sides, giving Gohan the opening he needed to finally destroy Cell, and save the day.

    After the Cell Saga, and Goku's death. What is there to do for Tatoma but to continue to compete with Vegeta and Gohan (the latter who has stopped fighting to become a scholar). Tatoma decides to continue training to be better than Prince Vegeta. If Kakarot was out of the picture, Prince Vegeta would naturally be the knew stepping stone. Over the course of the timeskip she starts to train more and more with Yamcha. THey both love to spend time together and train (which is good because it keeps Yamcha around as a fighter instead of a goofy background character. He even grows his hair back out! What improvements!!!) They eventually become a couple (not married just a couple) by the time the Buu Saga rolls around. Tatoma still lives at Capsule Corp. with Bulma and Vegeta and now Trunks, and she is there when Gohan arrives to ask Bulma to make him the Saiyaman Suit. Tatoma, being the older sister type for Gohan that she is, tells him that his costume is wonderful, and it will certainly help him "fight Crime" even though she also thought it was pretty dumb. But when she finds out Goku is coming back, she instantly goes to Yamcha to tell him, and she veen convinces him to take part in the tournament with her and the others. They all see Goku again and the tournament goes as ussual except Tatoma and Yamcha are now particpating. They end up being paired with eachother and she jokes about taking a dive for Yamcha so he can use the prize money. But Yamcha being the ladies man he is actually wants the prize money to buy a ring (this plot point doesnt get explored much more I jsut like this detail cuz it's cute.)

    The tournament goes up to Videl's match, when Spopovich brutalizes her in front of everyone. Gohan's rage almost over takes him until Tatoma puts her hand on his shoulder and tells him to calm down, that she will be ok. Tatoma's presense allows Gohan to calm down faster then in the original. When Gohan's turn to go on stage eventually comes, everyone is stuck watching with the Supreme Kai as Gohan's energy is stolen by Yamu and Spopovich who fly off to return it to Babidi. The Z-Fighters, minus Videl, Tatoma, Kabito, and Gohan, all race off to catch up with the villains. Tatoma stays to make sure Gohan is ok. She still remembers the day Piccolo changed her heart for the good. Once Gohan is back up and kicking they all fly off to find the others, and Kabito explains to the 3 who they are dealing with. it's the same up until Videl breaks off to go back to the rest of the group, and Tatoma teases Gohan for liking that girl. Ya know, as older sisters do. They eventually reach the others and watch as Babidi is handed the energy device. Babidi senses all the strong fighters nearby and he murders Yamu to prove a point... But he keeps Spopovish around. He tells Spopovich that if he doesn't wanna end up like his friend he will wait on level 3 for them to come to him. Kabito is killed by Dabura, and Krillin and Piccolo are frozen. Gohan, Goku, Vegeta, and Tatoma go into the ship. They play ROck Paper Scissors and they get the same result as normal. Vegeta fights Pui Pui, Goku fights Yakon, but on level 3, Spopovich is waiting for them, Gohan wants him to himself, but Tatoma convinces Gohan to wait. Gohan was the strongest of them all, so it made the most sense for him to be saved for last. She didnt really know how he had slacked off so much. Tatoma easily disposes of Spopovich with her "Lightning Flash Attack" and they descend down to level 4 where Dabura is waiting. Everything pretty much goes the same from here up until Buu's revival.

    Vegeta and Goku begin their fight and Tatoma, Gohan, and Shin return to Babidi's ship to continue their assault. they reach the bottom and Babidi teleports them all to an open area as Majin Buu begins to revive (sooner than normal thanks to the extra fighter destroying Spopovich). As Buu emerges, Tatoma is taken back by his massive energy, and Shin begins to panic as Buu easily toys with Dabura. Gohan flies in to fight Majin Buu anmd Tatoma joins him, during the fight Tatoma is smacked away and sent flying for a good mile or two where she lands near Goku and Vegeta's fight. Events play out all the same until Goku wakes up and sense Tatoma, grabbing her before Instant Transmissioning off to the Look Out with her. Eventually when the rest of the gang arrives, the news is broken to everyone that Gohan and Vegeta are dead. It breaks the hearts of Videl, Tatoma, and Chi-Chi that their little Gohan had been killed. Tatoma also takes a moment to honor the memory of Prince Vegeta. Once again events play out the exact same (It's very likley Tatoma would be given the backseat like everyone else in this part of the story) with Goten and Trunks being trained to fuse into Gotenks and Goku going SSJ3 (which allows Tatoma to see how out matched she is by him). Once more everything plays out as normla with everyone on the Look Out waiting until Majin Buu arrives to fight Gotenks. Tatoma actually manages to hold Chi-Chi back in this version, so Chi-Chi doesn't get turned into an egg and smashed. But when Majin Buu breaks out of the Time Chamber and begins to kill everyone, Tatoma dodges his Candy Beam, but Yamcha and the others suffer a fate worse than death being turned into candy for Majin Buu. This triggers Tatoma, and something inside of her snaps. Watching her lover die before her has unraveled her control over herself, and she transformss into a Super Saiyan 2, almost cracking the base of the Look Out in half. This allows her to fight back against Majin Buu, stalling him until Goten and Trunks and get out of the Time Chamber to reform Gotenks. But just as they get out, Tatoma is back handed by Buu, her neck snapping from the attack, killing her brutally. Piccolo, not wanting his friend to die in vein, promises he will revive her...

    Tatoma sadly doesn't have much to do with Super since it's literally jsut the "Goku and Vegeta Show" though she IS there for the Res F and Beerus arcs. She finally shines again however when the boys are looking for team members for The Tournament of Power. Goku is unfortunatly unable to convince Tien, and so Tatoma easily takes his place in the team. inbetween the break between Z and Super, Tatoma was able to surpass her mortal limits and achieve SSJ3, though at this point in the show that only makes her SLIGHTLY weaker than Gohan. THe fact the boys have all got God Ki now bothers her a little, and she feels very left behind. When the tournament starts she essentially has most of the same fight Tien has, but Tatoma doesn't get knocked out so easily. Eventually once Goku starts to fight with Caulifla and Kefla (in her surpressed Full Power Form) Tatoma jumps in and steals Kale from the fight. Her and Kale fight for a while until they both get backed against a wall and they decide to Fuse into Kefla, Goku demands Tatoma let him fight them one on one, and she agrees, jumping off to start a fight with Toppo. Eventually The last 6 fighters of U7 end up being Tatoma, Frieza, Gohann, Goku, Vegeta, and 17 vs Toppo, Jiren, and Dyspo. Vegeta and Goku go off to fight Jiren, Frieza and Gohan fight Dyspo, and 17 and Tatoma fight Toppo (which is a nice parrallel to when they fought eachother so long ago). Eventually Toppo knocks 17 away and Tatoma is the only one left to fight him, she eventually pushes him to use his God of Destruction powers, and he begins to completely BODY her. All seems lost until Vegeta flies in to save her, claiming she is too weak and she needs to leave this fight to him. This angers Tatoma and causes somethign incredible to happen.


    Tatoma gets angry as she reflects on how every Saiyan in the tournament has surpassed their power limits. But without godly help like Gohan or Goku and Vegeta, how would she EVER compete with them again... She gets mad and goes SSJ3 (a form she has already used in the tournament) and she releases her energy in a massive burst. That massive burst of energy hits the artificial Sun that circles the arena, causing a special wave of energy to bounce back at Tatoma. Her tail begins to react as the Saiyan Fury in her body begins to let loose. Something deep inside of her that she had repressed very long ago was no stirring inside of her. Her body begins to pulse and grow as gold fur appears on her biody. She transforms into a MASSIVE Golden Oozaru, and begins to attack the arena. But deep inside, she slowly starts to grab for control... She takes hold of her power, and that of the Golden Oozaru, and slowly the monster transforms downards back into Tatoma... But she has changed. Her new form has been achieved. Tatoma has become the first Super Saiyan 4. A Saiyan with 10x the power of a SSJ3, capable of competeing with the boys' Super Saiyan Blue. She glares Vegeta down and tells him to go help Kakarot with Jiren, and that she's got this. SHe faces own Toppo and they fight. Toppo is still too much for her though, even though they are closley matched. She Catches Toppo into a combo and slams him down towards the edge of the arena, and she charges up her signature attack,the Cosmic Buster, he blasts the arena out from under both of them taking a whole half of the playing field out with them, knocking her and Toppo out, and leaving Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, and 17 to finish the job...

    That's about it for Tatoma's story. I hope you guys all enjoy it! i MIGHT make a GT pack but I highly doubt I will as her story past Z was made to fit Super. I also added in 3 alternate costumes in the form of a Timebreaker variant, an extra Xeno variant, and a SSJ4 Xeno Variant. I hope you guys enjoyed the story, and I hope you especially enjoy the mod! Sorry this part was so long!

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