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    Tatoma is a Saiyan Royal Guard of Prince Vegeta... Until her home world was destroyed by the tyrant Frieza... In my personal DBZ Fanfic, Dragonball T, I explore the idea of having a strong female character that never gets babied up like Chi-Chi and 18. In this story Tatoma is a Saiyan who goes to Earth with Raditz, on the orders of Prince Vegeta, to make sure Raditz doesn't screw up retrieving Kakarot. In the battle with Raditz, Goku and Piccolo manage to defeat Raditz when Tatoma warns Goku that letting go of "That Weakling Bastard Raditz's" tail would result in him killing Goku and Piccolo. This gives Goku the realization that Raditz won't leave if he is spared... And must be dealt with. Piccolo lands his FIRST Special Beam Canon but then they have to deal with Tatoma, who wants to taker Gohan into space with her. Goku and Piccolo fight Tatoma and Gohan has his rage moment against HER instead of Raditz. This gives Goku and Piccolo enough time to devise a plan. Goku catches Tatoma in the same hold he puts Raditz in, and Piccolo fires his attack again! But Tatoma being far stronger than Raditz, easily knocks Goku off of her, cuasing Him to be hit by the attack instead. This throws Gohan into a Rage that leads to him dealing enough damage to incapacitate the Saiyan Warrior. after the Battle Piccolo learns from Raditz that the other two saiyans will be coming to retrieve those Dragonballs he overheard the humans talk about before Goku vanished off to otherworld. Tatoma, contacts Vegeta and Nappa and begs their forgivness, before Vegeta tells her that if she gets in their way when they arrive on Earth in a year, they WILL Kill her.

    Tatoma, with no other options uses her scouter to track down Piccolo and Gohan, and convinces them that if they plan to defeat the Saiyans, they'll need her help. Piccolo begrudgingly agrees and they train for a year to prepare for the Saiyans. As the Saiyans appear infront of Gohan, Piccolo, and Tatoma, she quickly jumps ship. Explaining to Vegeta her impressive zenkai boost from the battles and training on Earth. Vegeta allows her two options, to die among the Earthlings or to die here on the battlefield. Realizing the prince had truly betrayed her trust, she stands on the side lines and watches as the forces of Earth fight, waiting for her chance to aid either side (whoever may be winning). But as the Saibaman quickly leaps from the ground to attack Yamcha, something clicks inside her and she shoots a beam to destroy the Saibaman before it could attack Yamcha. Yamcha gave her a compliment and a thanks (causing her to blush slightly) and she descends to stand by the Earthling's side. Krillin destroys the remaining Saibaman and Nappa finally steps forward. He demands that Tatoma honor his pride as a Saiyan and allow him to fight these "weaklings" before he fights her or Piccolo, as currently both are descent matches for his power. As Nappa descends on Tien to land the finishing blow after Chiaotzu's sacrifice, Yamcha and flies in to kick Nappa out of the way. Nappa responds by firing his BOMBER DX wave at the two. Krillin tries to reach them but it's too late... The two are reduces to crumbled messes on the ground...

    Krillin, in a rage flies towards Nappa and attempts to fight him, landing a clean blow on the brute, before he sent Krillin flying back! But just as he does, Tatoma sees her opening, and flies towards Nappa form behind, planting a solid string of blows on him, and kicking him towards Piccolo, who promptly side bashes Nappa towards Gohan, who scaredly, leaps for his life. This gave Nappa the time he needed to recover. He back hands Piccolo incapacitating him, and then charges towards Tatoma. The two clash ferociously, before Nappa slams Tatoma back, he pulls back to launch his Break Canon at her, but Gohan flies in to protect her! Piccolo, knowing his only friend can't stand the blast, races in front of Gohan and takes the blast for both of them. It kills Piccolo and he looks to Tatoma and with his final breath he says "Take... Care of him... For me.... PLEASE.... Protect him... For as long... As you live..." and with that he dies in front of them. Gohan is filled with Rage... But Tatoma... something in her...crumbles... She starts to feel for these people... Did... She make a friend? With Piccolo? As Gohan fights Nappa using all of his anger, Tatoma realizes that she has something to fight for other than herself for once. She leaps in and tries her best to help Gohan fight Nappa. But just as Nappa goes in to finish off Gohan, Tatoma leaps forward and kicks him, prompting Nappa to grab her by her ankle and SLAM her into the ground time after time, until she was promptly knocked out.

    From here our story is mostly the same up until the crew decides to go to Namek for the Dragonballs. After the fight against Nappa and Vegeta had ended, Tatoma had woken up alone in the wasteland. She grabbed Vegeta's scouter and went off to find the warriors. She appears just as they discuss their plan to go to Namek, and she appears from the window asking to join them. Her new found want to do the right thing has lead to her desire to help them revive their friends. And so she joins Krillin, Gohan, and Bulma on their trip to Namek. (I haven't exactly WORKED This bit out but I DO KNOW that she pretty much becomes Bulma's BEST FRIEND on their way to Namek, fights Vegeta once, Fights Burter, gets new armor with the rest of the gang, and fights Third Form Frieza after he bodies Piccolo. Third Form Frieza inevitably kills her as well)

    After the Frieza Saga, Tatoma stays at Capsule Corp. with Bulma and is even a catalyst that partially causes Vegeta and Bulma to hook up. She rarely trains with Vegeta, but she does enjoy training with Tien, Yamcha, Krillin, and Piccolo. When Android 20 and 19 show up, they do as they did in the original show and almost Kill Yamcha, who had become a VERY close friend to Tatoma as well. After Vegeta destroys Android 19 and reveals he TOO has become a Super Saiyan, it leads to Tatoma also realizing she too could achieve the legend if given the time. As Dr. Gero tries to run, Tatoma stops him and begins to fight him. The fight is a BIT more even then Goku vs 19 and Vegeta vs 19, but Tatoma still ends up winning, and before finishing the mad doctor off, he tells them they are all doomed! and that 17 and 18 will soon destroy them all! Tatoma then blows up Gero. and Bulma soon arrives to see the body. She explains who he was and that he had a lab in the mountains. Back in Gero's lab, the Computer in his Sub Lab (The one from Super 13) activates upon his death, and begins to wake up 17 and 18. And as the gang arrive at the location Bulma described, they are met with the dangerous Trio of androids. 16, 17, and 18. The Z Fighters go off and fight them on the mountain road, and as Vegeta attempts to fight Android 18, Tatoma takes on Android 17. The two Saiyans get promptly wrecked. Piccolo goes off to fuse with Kami, and the Z Fighters all retreat to Kame House to recover and replan.

    And that's as far as I have gotten into this story. Enjoy the costumes and I hope you all are excited like me to continue this character's story!!!

    Character, Concept, Design, Story: Adorable Sniper

    BCS editing: Shattered Illusions


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