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    Just adds a clone of the photo mode bot in front of the player on lobby login.
    By talking to them you will be presented with the following menu (selecting "..." will go to the next page of options or cancel the menu, when on the last page):

    Page 1:

    • Photo Mode
    • Offline Battles
    • Offline Paralell Quests

    Page 2:

    • Do you want to try an Expert Mission? (brings up HLQ menu)
    • Battle Simulator (brings up TTL menu)
    • Go out on Time Patrol (brings up Main Mission menu)

    Page 3:

    • Tokipedia (only appears, when the appropriate DLC is owned)
    • Dragon Ball Pedestal (brings up Shenron wish menu - no Dragon Balls needed)

    Page 4:

    • Skill Shop
    • Clothing Shop
    • Accessory Shop

    Incompatible with "Saria gives Dragon Balls (v2)"!
    On game updates, this will cause new NPCs to not appear and must be updated.

    For questions on how to do stuff like this or any other mod, visit The Citadel.
    Also, if the game updated and I'm being lazy and haven't updated this, go bugger me on there, as I seldom check the comments here...

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Well, it's an x2m...

  • event_note Changelog

    1.12 - Initial release for DBXV2 v1.12

    1.12.1 - Added new menu items, still for DBXV2 v1.12

    1.12.2 - Added Main Missions and Tokipedia, last one for DBXV2 v1.12, I swear...

    1.13 - Initial release for DBXV2 v1.13 (1.12.2 still included in download for now)

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  • UpdatedJul 16, 2019
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