The Galactic Tyrant’s Return, Ultra Instinct Turles (CUSTOM)

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    Another Turles mod made by me but this time he has achieved Ultra Instinct and comes with 8 different costumes:

    1. Battle Suit (defeault Turles Battle Suit).

    2. Damaged Battle Suit (Took it from Vegeta's Battle Suit)

    3. Damaged Battle Suit 2 (Took it from another damaged Battle Suit comin' from Vegeta).

    4. Ultra Damaged Battle Suit (Just boots, skirt and rist left).

    5. Ultra Damaged Battle Suit 2 (Same as 4 but without one boot, skirt and one rist).

    6. Time Breaker Battle Suit (A custom Time Breaker Battle Suit, comes with a new different mask).

    7. Time Breaker Battle Suit (No Mask) (As the name says... Same as 6 but without the mask).

    8. Grand Priest Gi (Yup, decided to make this a bit different with a new black gi and changed colors...)

    ALSO! It comes with a new moveset and skillset:

    -(Super) Vengeful Assault:

    ·Kick your enemy away and smash them into the ground followed by a barrage of ki blasts.

    -(Super) Meteor Burst:

    ·Reconverted as a super skill and a bit nerfed.

    -(Super) Final Blow:

    ·Extracted from SSBE Vegeta's Final Blow, it stamina breaks the enemy.

    -(Super) Ultra Instinct Charge:

    ·Straight from the anime... A "recreation" of UI Goku charge.

    -(Ultimate) Meteoric Destruction:

    ·A mix between Final Garlick Rush and Requiem of Destruction.

    -(Ultimate) Primitive Display:

    ·Punch your enemy in the guts followed by a barrage of punches and ends up throwing a gigantic ki ball.

    -(Awoken) Mastered Ultra Instinct:

    ·Nothing but a custom awoken where I changed the animations and cameras...


    All skills were made by me, don't think I took it from someone without permission.

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    v.1: release