The Kaggy Pack (X2M)

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    Ok, first things first. This pack was made out of appreciation for Kaggy or rather, Alejandro Saab. If you don't know who Alejandro Saab is, well short explanation would be that he's a voice actor and he runs his own youtube channel called KaggyFilms where he mainly posts Dragon Ball Z content.

    Now, the characters in this pack were made through use of Eternity's CaCx2m creator. I would've given every different character an appropriate type of shading but it seems like the files that usually determine the texture colours don't apply to a character created with the CACx2m creator so I tried to find the best combination in what xenoverse 2's character creator had to offer.

    Now, I also know that it doesn't look 100% like Kaggy but obviously I can't make very detailed work. I've mainly based it off on Kaggy's intro and the PATROLLER character he made for tyhe PC version of XV2.

    Also, huge thanks to Eternity because the CaCx2m creator obviously did most of the work now.

    Now, what's included in this pack?

    * 4 variations of normal Kaggy ( with Kaioken, SS2 and potential unleashed) * 1 variation of Kaggy (Super Saiyan God) * 1 variation of Kaggy (Super Saiyan Blue) * 1 variation of Kaggy (Super Saiyan Rosé) * Unique line during character select. I would've added them for all skills as well but that'd honestly be a bit too much work at this point.

    Anyways, enjoy!

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    Just like all x2m files you install them by using Eternity's Mod Installer. If you've never heard of Eternity's tools before. Here's a link for reference:

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    1.0 Release