The Oni Corruption Pack

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    Hey everyone!!

    This mod is the first published work of ISAN... stands for "InbetweenGamer's Seiki and Alfq with a little Novelty on top". Nice name, I know.

    So, as a lot of you may already know, Oni are amongst the strongest, most terrifying, and well-known Youkai in Japanese myths and legends. And now YOU can become one as well!!

    Included in the pack is a transformation, along with a bunch of red/black recolored skills to fit the evil tone, which are:

    • (Super) Oni Flash: Super God Shock Flash recolored, and also made much easier to combo afterward
    • (Super) Oni Illusion Strike: Pressure Sign with the Burning Strike kick
    • (Super) Oni Stab: Spirit Stab but the stun is made longer, making it easier to combo afterward
    • (Super) Savage Oni Attack: Savage Strike but if you use the warping version of it, the ending motion is made to be much faster
    • (Ultimate) Oni Sword: recolored Spirit Sword
    • (Ultimate) Oni Rush: An OP version of Darkness Rush. Not damage-wise, just test it out and you should see why.

    The transformation has 3 stages, and you can set a hairstyle to each of them. 907 for the first stage, 908 for the 2nd, and 909 for the 3rd. By default, it's using the same hair on 3 stages.

    Currently, it's only available for Human and Saiyan females, this is because rigging the hand nearly broke our modeler's sanity. If anyone's confident in rigging and wants to lend us a hand (Heh!) in making it available for male CaCs as well, we'd be really grateful :)

    Credit also to Capcom for the Nero hand from DMC4

    If you find bugs, report them below 🙂 Hope you guys will enjoy this one :)

    Update: For people who are not using a custom moveset for your female earthling, put the "data" folder in the "For Default HUF moveset" folder in your XV2 installation folder.

    Update 2: Humongous oversight from me to not mention this, but this transformation uses the same "Multi-Choice" transformation system as Lazybone's. In his words: "Where in the vanilla game the stage that is transformed into is determined by how much Ki the character currently has, with this new mechanic it instead works based on additional input (e.g immediately pressing another button)." Please see "Control.txt" for more info on how to use this system!

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    2.0 - Uploaded