The Return of the King – The Omni-King of Saiyans

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    So there was a mod that was uploaded to the site called "The True Omni King of Saiyans" by JEPAN, which was taken down for some reason. This here is a recreation of that mod, with a few skill changes and an attempt of recreated stats. I thought it'd be a simple mod to make with the busy schedule that has been happening over here, so why not an old classic.

    Note: There's an Easter Egg with the mod.

    Hint: Look to the past and to the future, chase them down all day long, just to get outsmarted even when you look inside.

    Credits: JEPAN - The Original Mod that this was recreated from 345boneshoss - DYTs I used to recreate the mod. (I Tried to find the closest colors to the original mod's)

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    x2m format

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    V1.0 - Initial Upload V1.1 - DYT Fix

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  • UploaderXenodimension
  • ModderJEPAN (Original Mod Maker) | Kuron (Recreation)
  • Mod Version1.1
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  • UpdatedMay 22, 2020
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