The Ultimate majin super soul

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    This is my first mod so please be nice with me ;)


    So what to say about this mod ? first i make this soul for the true majin transformation of Seiki,InbetweenGamer and Kara:                                      

    inbeewteenGamer's channel:

    and Seiki's one:

    And im based for the stats of the "this is ultra instinct" soul from the divine Super Souls of samueladams017:

    What the Super soul does ? it will give you extra health, a big ki and stamina regeneration, and all types of attacks will deal more damages. When you are transformed you will have a health regeneration and when your health is under 15% you will have infinity ki

    I've also created a version without the stats but you will always have the stamina and ki regen

    oh and yes i know that in the screenshots its not the name of the super soul because my game is in french and the names of the zsoul dont work in french so i used one of the game

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Use the z-soul tool from adonix:

    So open it then on the right top of the screen clic file then load and load in order form your xenoverse 2:

    1) talisman_item.idb 2) proper_noun_talisman_name_en.msg 3) proper_noun_talisman_info_en.msg

    then if you want my z-soul to be a new soul clic on Zsoul then add/import and select my .zss file but if you want it to replace one clic on the list and select the one you want to replace then clic on z-soul, replace/import and then select my soul

    and to finish dont forget to save in files, save

    Have fun ;p

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