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    Hello Again World!! ;3 im excited to present to you guys The Zero Mortal Plan -GodlyHood- 

    This Pack contains- 3 New Characters, Super Villain eyes for Human CAC, Villainous Eyes for Human CAC,  Super Villain Clothes for Human Males, And A Custom CAC Moveset i made while Messing around.

    Lore: The Tournament Of Ambition is  Almost Here. Athena And Chronos have finished their exploration, Finding 2 mighty warriors, Thanatos a God  who has conquered multiple As well as destroyed Galaxies in Universe 6.Chronos was the one to test Thanatos Strength, Proving himself a useful Ally. Chronos offered him to be immortal if he would fight in The Tournament of ambition, Solace A Deity In universe 7 who's heart was replaced by a star From a Sacrifice Preformed by his parents that had gone wrong.He ended up going on a slaughtering spree, Witch causes The Elders of his people to Banish him to hell. Athena Presents herself to him And offers him freedom in exchange for joining their team in TOA. Athena And Chronos returning home with their chosen fighters Begin to do their final training with mercy, zamaxu, and xira. The Tournament Of Ambition Has Started!


    • Starting Fighters:Thanatos Vs Piccolo)  The Battles starts off slow until,the battle looks about even until Thanatos picks up the Upperhand Quickly Sealing the first Victory For the Advent Kais.
    • 2nd Battle: ( Thanatos Vs Vegeta) Thanatos Puts up a furious battle against vegeta, After Mocking Vegeta, Vegeta Goes to SSGSS, Punishing Thanatos for his tongue and taking the win.
    • 3rd Battle:( Vegeta Vs Solace) Vegeta still furious and pumped from the last fight lays hard into solace. Solace defends himself but vegeta is able to push through his defense and Seizes the win with final flash.
    • 4th Battle: (Vegeta Vs Athena) Athena Puts down Vegeta effortlessly due to his previous battles. Vegeta holds a short fight against Athena But its not enough and Athena Takes the win.
    • 5th Battle:(Athena Vs Gohan) This will be the longest battle in The TOA with both fighters going from not trying to full power. Athena Clashes Her Minus energy ball with Gohans Kamahamaha, Gohan bought to loose the clash pulls out that ambitions and follow through with his ki blast, Barely but surely taking the win.
    • 6th Battle:(Gohan Vs Chronos) This battle is brief, For Gohan Forfeits after taking one blow. He suggest to see goku  and Chronos battle, For a mutch fairer fight.
    • Final Battle: (Chronos Vs Goku) Goku starts off with a Strong Lead due to gohan purposely drawing out the previous match untill he takes a blow to allow for goku to study Chronos a litte. Chronos starts to catch on to goku and begins to pin goku down. Both Mercy and Beerus on the edge of their seats Watching the splendid battle as the feirce hearts of the fighters clash over and over and over. Each one Taking A Blow Then Delivering One Right Back. No Mistakes whent unpunished for both goku and Chronos were seizing any shot they could get. Chronos Forces goku to use Kaiken with ssgss, Being Chronos downfall and Universe 7 Taking the Win!

    The Z fighters barely take the win, But they won. Not wanting to accept defeat, The 3 advent kais prepared to use their final trick up their sleeve. Zamaxu and Xira protect Mercy From Beerus, whis and goku while Mercy Begins to use a spirit bomb Like technique, except instead of a Giant energy ball she is using her personal potaras, and The energy is slowly forming 2 shadows of mercy around the potaras, After Zamaxu and xira stall for enough time for mercy to form her two shadows, 1 wearing each potara. The Shadows then Fuse Creating Shadow Mother Venus, The alternative ego of Mercy. "I Am Darkness Given Form"(venus)  Venus then takes the battlefield demanding zamaxu, xira and mercy no longer interfere And Begins to battle beerus,whis and goku.After being pushed back hard vegeta and gohan are finally recovered and jump into the battle starting to actually put pressure on Venus. Venus then possesses Thanatos and Solace giving them immense power and giving them their super villain textures, and new found power. Creating Shadow Father Solace And Supreme Shadow kai Thanatos. This will be the battle that will settle things once and for all.

    Credits~ MRR7 For motivating me to do some super villain work and teaching me a few things! :D

    Uchiha-Taka~ for the amazing dark skills.

    I worked hard on this and i hope you guys enjoy. Message me with any concerns ^ ^!!

    Notes:  The Super Villain Costume replaces Yamcha's gi.  Super Villain/Villainous eyes Are Pupils and eyes 1.

    The Events of TZMP -Advent Kais- created a alternative main timeline so Team 7 in TOA will not be exactly like the TEAM 7 in TOP.



  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Characters- Xv2 Installer

    SVeyes-  Drag and drop(open dbxv2 directory, Data,Chara,HUM, drag and drop/copy and paste files into HUM)

    SVCostume- Drag And Drop in HUM

    Custom CAC Moveset- Drag And Drop In HUM or SYM.

  • event_noteChangelog

    v1.0 release -message for suggestions-