Time-Lock: Cell | Custom Parallel Quest

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    First off: Thank you moderating team for your quick work. I am truly grateful.

    This mod was requested by Goku black Tomlinson.


    As for the mod itself:

    You play as Cell. There are X possible endings. The quest generally features the same battles regardless of how you play it, but the COM difficulty and behaviour changes based on how you play. You can finish the quest as either Imperfect, Perfect or Super Cell and if you manage to do very well, you will trigger the Ultimate part of the quest. It is not exactly easy to do and it can be done from only one specific route, but I hope it will be worth it.

    Main attention grabbers:

    • Branching storyline (the different options become VERY obvious once you look inside the quest's quest files, so if you'd prefer a no-spoilers experience, avoid opening them. However if you cannot find all of them or want to check if you have reached all of them, feel free to look)
    • Playing as Cell that can transform into Perfect and Super forms based on how you play (determined by remaining HP after certain battles)
    • A lot of custom UNVOICED dialogues

    Known issues:

    • When you transform from Imperfect Cell your Soul Burst stops working properly (Nothing game-breaking, you will just have the effect by your character's health bar showed permanently until the end of the quest and the desired effect will not activate - this is most likely due to you playing as a different character than you started the quest with)
    • In the character selection screen, if you choose any character with any transformation assigned, that transformation will carry over to Imperfect Cell's skillset. I do not know how to remove a transformation from a character, so please be a good person and don't use it. Unlike the first issue, this one could crash the game

    If you have any bugs to report/ideas/requests/..., please let me know either via the comment section here, or at the linked YT video's comments. (You are far more likely to get a quicker response on YouTube.)

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