Time Patroller outfit for CAC (Colourable, with optional no glow version)

  • descriptionDescription

    Now you can be a real Time Patroller with this outfit for your custom character which is colourable and with optional no glow on transformation. There are two versions in the download; no glow and vanilla.

    Now released as a (hopefully) working X2M

    If you have or would like to make a video showcasing this mod, send me a link and I'll include it here on the mod description

    Permissions: Everyone is free to use this in their own mods or to make changes to it and you're free to re upload to other sites.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Install with Eternity's Mod Installer


    If you'd just like a replacer version let me know

  • event_noteChangelog

    Version 1.2

    changed the outfit to replace krillins battlesuit instead

    added normal glow version

    X2m version released

    like 5 years after i first said i would do it