Tournament of Power Stage (Beta)

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    Ehy guys, Alpha and Mastaklo here! Today we bring you an update to my old stage! We worked together to make it as good as possible. We are still working on the .map files so... expect a future upgrade.

    Give us feedback.

    Special thanks to Sol Negro for giving us permission for his Grand Priest Model.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Extract the folder in ../Xenoverse/data.

    Replaces the Nameless Planet Stage

  • event_note Changelog


    - Fixed Italian Name

    - Fixed French Name

    - Fixed Brazilian Name

    - Added Bigger Version

    - Added a version with simple materials for those who got bugs (that version is almoste identical to the first one besides it uses simple materials so it wont have character shadows, Specular Maps and the Bubble on the Zenoh throne.



    - Complete overhaul with new models, textures, materials etc.



    - Alpha released

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  • UploaderBlackthealpha
  • ModderAlpha and Mastaklo
  • Version0.6
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  • UpdatedNov 23, 2017
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