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    A transformable tail mod that is part of the race , you start the game with them. You will be able to equip any outfit and accessory from the game and still have it, getting the color from your character's  hair part. Compatible with custom hair files! Also, i fixed all common animations length/duration, available for:

    • Humans (Male and Female)
    • Sayians (Male and Female)

    NOTE 0: 

    You need to have at least updated v1.10 installed to get it working. It was designed to work with default/vanilla files but it is compatible with Lazybones mod and all custom transformations that use default/vanilla's  material. Works for all game mode (training, vs , PQ etc) (4 different guys , besides me, tested the files once again)

    So if it doesn't work for you, you will need to ask the author to update his files to use the default material for hair parts and update your game too.

    If your game is up-to-date, may be its your BCS file, don't know.

    NOTE0: For those who can't access PQ and Training mode, open the game menu and select change equipament. After that get back to the game and you'll be able to.

    NOTE 1:

    My tail mod , is attached to those ear parts and the game remove them for some accessories (like Frieza's Helmet) so you won't have the tail working for those accesories, unfortunately.

    NOTE 2: I didn't make /test this X2M file, it is not part of my mods. It was made and shared by Atsuraelu for those who are just too lazy to drag 'n drop files + click. Use it at your own risk!

    Note 3: My mod is compatible with any custom moveset but the author MUST add the tail support to his ean file, otherwise it won't work! I don't cover that part (excpet for defaulf HUF/HUM/SYM/SYF movesets) so you need to ask the author to update his files.


  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Delete any tail mod you have before install this one!

    After that, drag and drop the the files into data/chara/ and data/chara/CMN

  • event_noteChangelog

    v1.0 --> Initial Release

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