Transformed Faces for CaC

  • descriptionDescription

    Based on my previous mod, I made this mod with the intention that it can be adapted to the mod of Lazybone transformations, I hope it is to your liking.


    Faces Included in the pack:



    -Super Saiyan 1.

    -Super Saiyan 2.

    -Super Saiyan Rage.

    -Super Saiyan God.

    -Super Saiyan Rose.

    -Super Saiyan Blue.

    -Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x20.

    -Super Saiyan Blue Evolution.

    -Ultra Instinct -Signar-.

    -Perfect Ultra Instinct.

    (The eyes of the SSBE, UI-S- and PUI transformations have 2 versions:

    v1: Original Iris (Big).

    v2: Adapted Iris (Little).)


    Goku SS3:

    -Super Saiyan 3

    (Read the "Fix eyes.txt" to solve the problem of the gray eyes of the Super Saiyan 3)


    Goku SS4:

    Super Saiyan 4.


    Goku SSG:

    -Super Saiyan God.


    Goku UI Calm Eyes:

    -Ultra Instinct - Signar-. 

    -Perfect Ultra Instinct.

    (In case you dislike the facial expressions of the Ultra Instinct with calm eyes, just replace the files "HUM_270_Face_forehead.fce.ean" & "HUM_271_Face_forehead.fce.ean" by those inside the Angry Eyes folder)


    Upcoming updates:

    -Super Saiyan Rose face.

  • event_noteChangelog

    2.0 (26-08-2018)

    Initial release.

    2.1 (27-08-2018)

    I Added SS4 face.

    I Added a new option for eyes (With and Without Pupil)

    I Added a Tutorial (Images) for fix SS3 eyes.