True Darkness Mixer (Evasive)

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    This is from Uchiha Taka'sDarkness Mod Pack 3.

    I was given permission to upload this by him.

    What this mod does is makes his "True Darkness Mixer" go from a Super to an Evasive.

    I'm the kind of person who never uses evasives, so it has always been a dead slot for me. So I thought, "What if I put a charging skill in the evasive slot? That would mean I get 4 slots for actual attack/defense moves..."

    So yeah, that's why I made it.

    I will convert skills for people if the request it. But if it's a skill from a mod, you have to get permission from the mod maker before asking me. Also if it's DLC content, I won't release it as a mod, and you have to send me the files to convert.

    Other than that, I will gladly convert skills!

    Request mods here -->

    (I had to make a page, because it's starting to get hard keeping track.)

    My mods are allowed to be used for your mods if wanted. No credit needed. (Though it would be nice to send me a link to your mod. I'd like to check it out.)

  • speaker_notes Installation

    X2M. This is not compatible with Uchiha's version for some reason. I made it as a separate skill. I changed the codes, name, title, everything, but still not compatible. No idea why though.

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  • UploaderGoodorBadAsh
  • ModderUchiha Taka (Original Maker of Skill), All I (GoodorBadAsh) was convert
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  • UpdatedJan 8, 2018
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