True Majin Form – Majin Transformation for SYF

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    Hi all!! :)

    First of all, massive thanks to Dexio for his recolor of the ki blade, and for being such an awesome guy who let us use his work in our mod :)

    Do note that in order to use the version with tail, you'll need the animated tail mod installed. And you must install that mod BEFORE installing this one.

    Sorry for the lack of content the past week, but that's because I've been working together with InbetweenGamer and Kara on a transformation mod, which is now finally ready to be released :D

    This transformation is based on Android 21 (Wow, big surprise) from Fighter Z, and comes in 2 versions, one with tail, and one without the tail, in case you find another tail more to your liking :)

    The mod is for FEMALE SAIYANS ONLY (though I'm sure someone crafty can easily make it available for female Earthlings) and comes with a modified version of my Supina's moveset, which should be accessible once you transform 🙂 We thought it resembled Android 21's moveset in Fighter Z and decided to go with it :D

    It will also come with a default version of the Majin outfit and hair, the hair can be replaced with any hair you can find, just name it 905 and you're good to go, but to use different outfits, you'll have to edit the skin color of the dyt.emb files. Also the replaced outfit probably won't have the holes on their arms like the Majin race (but hey, Android 21 doesn't have any, so you're fine). The skin also won't all be pink, it'll change depending on your current skin color. If you want it to be pink like in the screenshots, use a pale-reddish skin color.

    One thing to keep in mind is that if you already have a tail equipped, the transformation will not replace the tail, and you'll end up with double tails. this is because we used the face_nose parts for the tail, so you can wear any pants you want.

    That's all from me, enjoy the mod 🙂 If you find any bug, let me know, I'll try to fix it as soon as I can :)

    Late update: Female Earthling version added

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    X2M method, however, to get the ki blade, make sure you read and follow the instructions :)

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    1.01 - Uploaded

    1.2 - Earthling version added

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