Trunks Long Hair Pack

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    Trunks Long Hair Pack

    Slot 1 - Bojack Unbound Trunks (Torn sleeveless jacket)

    Slot 2 - Battle Armor Trunks with tied hair

    Both have buffed muscles

    Uses Super Saiyan for Bojack Unbound Hair and Super Saiyan 2 for tied hair. I just used Val E Ryon's bcs from his Trunks- Slice through Time mod as im not at all good with bcs editing. Credits to him for his awesome pack! Has Bardock fighting style with some trunks animations. I messed up the hair textures a bit, but u can set it to what ever u prefer.


    Custom Name

    Custom Skillset

    Custom Portrait

    Blue Aura

    Custom Stats

    Trunks' Voice

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