TTL Workshop (Modding Tools for Hero Colosseum)

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    "TTL Workshop" is a collection of tools for modding Hero Colosseum

    currently includes 5 tools:


    1-TTLBattleEditor : Edit CPU battles, change figures, figure levels, figure skills, change master health, master HP, etc..

    2-TTLFigureEditor : Edit Player/CPU figures stats, skill count, rarity, figure character, super attack, ultimate attack, limit break chips, posing skill, and much more

    3-TTLMasterEditor : Edit own Master XP, Level, and Master Health per level.

    4-TTLShopEditor : Edit shop items, includes the limit break chips (icons, types, names, descriptions, prices, quest requirements..) and Skill items(prices, quest requirements..)

    5-TTLSkillEditor : Edit Posing skill / Character Skill effects, conditions, trigger squares, Names, Descriptions, effect descriptions, etc..


    this tool pack may expand in the future to include more tools..

    all tools read data directly from the CPKs, and all tools work for all languages.




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    -.NET Framework 4.0 or above.

  • event_noteChangelog


    -TTLSkillEditor : added support for new skill conditions and effects for both posing/character skills

    -TTLShopEditor : added support for new android 21 items (Cookie, Donut, and Cake chips)

    -TTLFigureEditor : added support for new EX figures

    -TTLBattleEditor : bug fixes



    TTLSkillEditor - Bug Fixes.



    TTLBattleEditor - Now shows figure images.



    TTLBattleEditor - Now shows battle codes in the name list (ie: TFB_1403)

    TTLShopEditor - More bug fixes

    TTLFigureEditor - Now properly shows a character name if it has a different name for each custom



    in TTLFigureEditor, character names would no longer show up as "NULL"

    instead, if no name was found in the MSG file, the character code would be shown instead.



    TTLShopEditor - Bug fixes to Names and Descriptions, fixed a bug where the TDB file crashes the game when clicking on File->Save


    TTLSkillEditor - minor Bug fix to related to skill names



    -a couple of bug fixes for TTLFigureEditor


    Initial Pack Release

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