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    animation made by Mastaklo as a patreon request.

    Just a simple twerking emote. This will replace Bingo Dance 1

    Video by GOWBuzzer

    A request made by xHe4dSpl1tt3rx



    Listen up everyone, you have to give Mastaklo and xHe4dSpl1tt3rx credit. They work together with this mod and it doesn't feel right if you share this without credit someone right?

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Make sure you have the current installer and patcher.


    To add it, put it on Program Files/DB Xenoverse 2/data/chara/CMN

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  • Uploader0640carlos
  • ModderMastaklo, xHe4dSpl1tt3rx
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  • UpdatedFeb 16, 2019
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