Two-Handed Final Shine Attack

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    A 2-handed version of final shine. Does double damage (which doesn't sound like a lot, but trust me, it is), and extra pushback. Find in shop for 1 zeni. Note: I will be updating this soon, because thae last 3-5 frames of the animation there's a weird hand thing.

    I take requests for skill conversions and custom skills. (If the skill is a blast, then I can't convert it into an awoken because it would be in-compatible with X2M.) If you want me to convert a skill from a mod, then you must get permission from the creator first. If the skill is from a DLC, then you must provide the files for the skill and it will not be released as a mod (which means you must also provide a way to contact you (whether it is discord, email, etc. it doesn't matter))

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    Requested by: Lilcuz

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