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    I can't believe it's not Burter!

    Well, you Burter start believing because it's finally here! For some context, this mod started as a joke in the server that I own, The Citadel. It's been an ongoing meme that I don't release anything, so I've finally decided that Burter shoulder be released. Yes, it is intentional that only the creamy, buttery skin is H-Graphics.

    Special thanks to DemonBoy, Littlewolf, and Hyojin for helping me be lazy or helping me with some specific problem areas I'm not used to dealing with.

    If you are interested in joining the Citadel, here is a link: https://discord.gg/UK8AJH

    In the Citadel, we teach folks how to mod and assist with their own personal mods so long as they comply with VGM guidelines. If you decide to check us out, please take a look at the rules and the server guide!

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    X2M method.

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    1.0 - Mod upload.

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  • UpdatedOct 9, 2019
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