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    Transformable moveset switch.

    Playing with just a single moveset gets lame after some time, so now you can change your moveset mid-battle DMC style.



    **NEW** Also check out the Transformable skillset mod here







    1. Dexio's KI-CLAW move-style as BASE moveset

    2. Regular Saiyan Male move-style as BASE moveset





    - TAIL support (2 animations, one for normal transfomations, and one for SSJ3-like serious transformations) (Ki-Claw variant only)

    - Different stances support (when on the ground and when in the air) (total 6 stances) (Ki-Claw variant only)

    - SSJ3 support

    - Pure Progress stance-change support

    - Dual Ultimates support

    - Transformed Light and Heavy attack Step-Dash support (for most movesets)


    - Power Pole Pro Support (Base form)

    - Sword Support

    - Ki-Claw Support

    - Ki-Blade Support

    - Ki-Sword Support


    - Command Skills support

    • - Instant Transmission ---> (Skill Display + Up)
    • - Backflip ---> (Skill Display + Down)
    • - Taunt ---> (Skill Display + Left)
    • - Para Para Dance ---> (Skill Display + Right)
    • - Afterimage Strike ---> (Guard + Light Attack)
    • - Pressure Crusher ---> (Guard + Heavy Attack)
    • - 3 Charge skills (Ultimate Charge, UI Ki-charge, Darkness Mixer) ---> (Guard + Jump)
    • - Hyper Drain ---> (Guard + Descend)
    • - Assault Vanish ---> (Block + Descend simultaneously)
    • - Super Guard ---> (Block + Jump simultaneously)




    Movesets included:


    Ki Claws (Dexio)

    Android 13 / Cell (Perfect)

    Goku (Base)

    Vegeta (Base)

    Broly (LSSJ)

    Gogeta (SSJ)

    Gohan (Adult)

    Vegeta (SSG) (Dexio)


    Trunks (Future)



    Gogeta (SSJ4)

    Vegito (SSGSS)

    Goku Black (SSR)

    Hit (Awoken) Reworked (grinns)

    Gogeta SSGSS (Azura)

    Zamasu (Fused) (HUF SYF) (Dexio)

    Vegeta (SSBE) (Dexio)

    Quick Moveset (Dexio)

    Broly (FPSSJ)


    Goku (UI)

    GOD Transformed (Azura)

    Zamasu (Half-Corrupted) (FIXED) (RazeDevastator)



    (For BEHAVIOUR 66 IDs, refer to README file.)





    Dimps for XV2

    Lazybone for Tools MoveMerger , ACB Merger, XML-Serializer, EEPK Organizer

    Male-Tailored Movesets by........Hold on, where'd that page go???

    Eternity for Eternity's Audio Tool

    Yuuki for Yet-Another Moveset Tools EAN , BAC , BCM , BDM , MOVESET  Organizers

    olganix for Tool Xenoviewer

    Dexio for movesets Ki-Claw , Vegeta God and EVO , Fused Zamasu , Quick  & skill  Celestial Whirlwind

    grinns for moveset Hit Reworked

    Azura95 for movesets Gogeta SSGSS , GOD Transformed

    RazeDevastator for moveset Corrupted Zamasu





    Note: All assets belong to their respective owners and have been permitted for fair use as long as the owner is appropriately credited.

  • speaker_notesInstallation



    (Download either version)


    1. Copy contents of "FILES TO COPY" folder to your XV2 directory. (replace if prompted)


    X. (ONLY for SAIYAN MALE) Open "SOUND EFFECTS" folder and use "CSOEditor.exe" to edit your "data --> sound --> chara_sound.cso" file (as shown in SAIYAN MALE image). If you don't have a "chara_sound.cso" file, use the one provided in the folder and paste it to "data --> sound --> ..."


    X. (ONLY for Ki-Claw moveset) Open the "KI-BLADE installer" folder and run the "LB Mod Installer.exe" inside.




    How to switch movesets:


    1. Open "xv2skilcreat.exe".

    2. Now use it to open the ".x2m" file of the transformation you wish to swap moveset of.

    3. In the skillcreate window, go to the "Transformation" tab from the top.

    4. Make sure "Enabled" is checked, and use the drop-down right next to it to select whichever transformation stage you want to select. Usually "Entry 0" is stage one, "Entry 1" is stage two, "Entry 2" is stage 3 ..... and so on. For Example "Entry 0" ---> SSJ1 , "Entry 1" ---> SSJ2 , "Entry 2" ---> SSJ3 ..............

    5. Now look down on the "Patcher section". And make sure "Force Teleport" is unchecked.

    6. Now in the "Behavior66" field, enter the ID of the moveset you want to switch to upon transformation. (IDs are provided in the README file.)


    X. (Optional) If you want the SSJ3 serious stance for a transformation, change the "Behaviour 11" field to "2" or "22".

    X. (Optional) If you want the second normal stance for a transformation, change the "Behaviour 11" field to "23".


    7. Save when done, and re-install the x2m.




    Note: For skillset use :  Transformable Skillset

    Note: For sword acessory use :   Vill's Sword , Sword Skills

  • event_noteChangelog

    1.0 Initial release.

    1.1 Fixed jump bug

    1.2 Fixed SYM variant camera bug

    1.3 Remapped Assault Vanish hotkey to (Guard+Descend) due to technical issues

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