Ultra Blue Vegeta Textures (READ)

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    "Kakarot can have Ultra Instinct!"

    Hello all, this is my first "mod" I've created. It took no time as its simplistic due to it being a retexture. But, I dont fully know how to make a x2m 100%, so I've made the files and the name/ui in the download for anyone to use. If anyone would like to make it into an official x2m mod, by all means go ahead. Although the recently published Ultra Blue Vegeta mod is better than mine, mine is more of a no-glowed version. AND NO, I DID NOT STEAL AND EDIT HIS MOD. I literally took GVG's files and retextured it, and replaced his pupils with God Goku's.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    If it's made into a X2M then use the XV2INSTALLER

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    Needs to be an added slot