Ultra Instinct for all CAC Races

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    This is a standalone Version of the Ultra Instinct Transformation from my SSJ to SSB to SSB Kaioken with Ultra Instinct Mod. It needs 5 bars of Ki to use, but it's stats are OP. It also has auto-dodge, but uses the auto-dodge mechanic from Data Input, not the one Ultra Instinct Goku uses. Of course you can edit all of that if you want.


    Release 2 includes a version that is called "Exhaustion". This one only needs 300 Ki and requires you to have less than 25% of your health, to be more in line with the anime, where Goku reached this power only by beeing under heavy pressure when he was completely exhausted.


    The second version has two stages, starting you with Ultra Instinct -Sign- at 3 bars of Ki and boosting your maximum KI to 10 bars. It will quickly sap your Stamina, but allow you to reach the 10 bars of Ki you need to reach the mastered Ultra Instinkt. If you already have 10 bars because of your build or meditation you can reach the mastered Ultra Instinct directly.


    Release 2 also comes with an exhaustion version for this skill. This makes it so you can go to -Sign- at 1 Ki Bar and reach Mastered at 5, but only when you have 25% or less of your maximum health remaining.


    The archive comes with two versions for each variant, one for Saiyans and one for the other races. I had to do that because the other races don't have the SSJ3 stance. Saiyans will get silver hair, eyes , get into the SSJ3 stance and get the Ultra Instinct aura, Humans will do the same but won't go into SSJ3 stance, while the other races only get the aura and silver eyes. Of course all versions give auto-dodge and boosted stats.


    If you use the Two-Stage Version then Ultra Instinct -Sign- will only change your eye color and aura, but keep your hair intact untill you reach the mastered version.


    Also Saiyans and Humans have transformable hair. If you want to change them replace the hairfiles. You can find a guide and the necessarry files in LazyBones "More Transformations" Mod. Just replace my files instead of the ones mentioned in his guide. To find out the ID of my files, look at your X2M_Costumes.xml in your data folder. The last one with only one entry in <Partset value=""> will be the ID you need. Instead of using the ID's in his list, use the one in the value="" field


    IMPORTANT: If installing this mode causes a black screen or a wrong zoom(above your head instead of at your face) during the transformation sequence then install Camera-Fix.x2m from the zip file! It fixes the black screen or the "zoom above your head during transformation" problem!


    If you like this mod, check out my Super Saiyan to Super Saiyan Blue to Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken with Mastered Ultra Instinct mod here!



    And the same but with Super Saiyan God instead of Super Saiyan here!


  • speaker_notes Installation

    Just install the x2m files that are relevant to you. Note that you can only install either the Normal OR the Exhaustion version. If you get a wrong zooming effect or get a black screen upon transformation, also install Camera-Fix.x2m. If not ignore this file.


    Personally, i like the Two-Staged-Exhaustion version the best, since it's the closest to the Anime.

  • event_note Changelog

    1.7 Release 2

    • Fixed the Camera Fix. It will no longer cause any Zoomissues. Be aware that this fix is not compatible with any mod that changes your CAC's moveset!



    • Fixed the distorted shader on the face when in Ultra Instinct mode (it had an obvious border effect across the middle of the face. That is fixed now)



    • Added Auto-Dodge to the incomplete Ultra Instinct -Sign- in the Two-Stage Version.


    1.5 Release 3

    • Added an a fix for the camera issue that occured during the transformation if Lazybone "More Transformations" mod is installed


    1.5 Release 2

    • Added an "Exhaustion" Version for both variants, that require less ki, but also require you to be at 25% or less of your maximum health to use.



    • Merged the Human variant with the Namek/Frieza/Majin variant, so now there is only a Saiyan and a Non-Saiyan version, instead of 3 separate ones. IF YOU HAVE THE NAMEK/FRIEZA/MAJIN VERSION INSTALLED. MANUALLY DEINSTALL IT AND INSTALL THE NEW ONE. If you had the Human version installed it will update to the new version.
    • Lowered Ki Requirement from 10 to 5 bars
    • Added a version with two stages. This one let's you go into Ultra Instinct -Sign-, a weaker Ultra Instinct with incomplete Auto-Dodge(only Free Z-Vanish) and draining Stamina, but it boosts your maximum Ki to 10 bars so you can reach the mastered Stage at 10 bars of Ki. The mastered Ultra Instinct is the same as the One-Stage version, it's just more immersive.


    • Split the Saiyans/Humans version into two separate versions to fix Humans laying on the ground when transformed
    • Fixed the long time it took to revert back into baseform.

    For this update you'll have to deinstall the 1.0 version manually using the installer! I had to change the Skill ID's so it won't recognize it as an update!!!



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