Ultra Instinct Goku louder + dual voice

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    Fixes Ultra Instinct Goku's awfully quiet voice and adds a subtle dual voice effect that you hear in the anime whenever he goes above normal speaking volume. The effect is hard to reproduce but as far as I can tell, Toei just pitches Masako Nozawa's voice deeper. Contrary to popular belief, it is not an oozaru roar, just the same voice pitched deeper (you can tell because the second voice has the exact same "voice acting" as Nozawa's). It's not entirely 100% accurate but it does add a much needed "oomph" and characteristic to his voice. I also changed some attacks to have different screams, for example; Surging Fist now has Goku shout and Goku's fist charge autocombo has a better scream.


    Unfortunately, the game adds this weird reverb/echo effect to Goku's voice, so it sort of does make his second voice hard to hear when there's a lot going on because it sort of covers it. The Japanese version isn't as well done as the English version just as a heads up, mostly because of that reverb effect ruining the second voice and the fact that we know how the dual voice is supposed to sound in the Japanese version.


    And if anyone is gonna tell me to pitch the second voice even deeper, I already tried, it doesn't sound good. Once again, the reverb/echo effect ruins it and there's a limit to how far I can pitch it lower until it becomes way too deep that you can't even hear it anymore.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Just put the sound folder in your data folder. There's another folder titled something like "READ ME". Make sure to open it and read the text document. It goes into detail about installing the character selection voice part and compatibility with certain other mods.

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    • Updated for DLC 7


    • Updated for DLC 8



    • Updated for Ultra Pack 1

    Reuploaded. If you downloaded it on July 23 please redownload. The correct version was refusing to upload yesterday.