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    A new transformation for Saiyan males made using Eternity's skill creator and the new BCS editing tool! Ascend even higher than a Super Saiyan! Includes both Ascended and Ultra forms.

    Ascended grants a 15% increase to all damage dealt and a 10% reduction in damage received.

    Ultra grants a 20% increase to all damage dealt and 15% reduction to damage received, at the cost of 25% speed.

    Big thanks to SK007 for his Legendary Super Saiyan mod, poking around his files is how I figured this stuff out.

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  • speaker_notes Installation

    Use Eternity's patcher to install the "Ultra Super Saiyan.x2m" file

    Install a BCS patch if you want, and make sure you've got hairstyles in place with the IDs mentioned in the README.

    There's an archive of each version released so far in case you prefer an older body shape

  • event_note Changelog
    • 1.0: Release
    • 1.1: I found a list of body part IDs, so I majorly tweaked the body. Added BCS patch to use custom hair for USSJ. Lowered overall boosts, further decreased speed. Included OP version with original boosts.
    • 1.2: Increased muscle in all forms, increased width of torso as well. Reduced scale of hands and feet so they aren't made huge.
    • 1.21: The left foot in ASSJ was 5% bigger than the right foot...everything is symmetrical now, I swear.
    • 1.3: Redid the arms to be more accurate

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