Unique Character’s Hairstyles for CaC

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    Some unique vanilla character's hairstyle transformed into colorable cac hair:

    • Android 13 hairstyle for male. (I tweaked a bit the front part because I didn't liked it so flat)
    • Gohan Resurrection of F hairstyle for male.
    • Super 17 hairstyle for male.
    • Yajirobe wig trasnformed into a hairstyle for male and female.
    • Gine (3rd female vanilla hairstyle) for male. (I used a capture from a Vanilla Female Haircuts Youtube video because I forgot to make a male character screenshoot, sorry! Here's the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9deA69Ojhg)

    I recommend to not change the id number of each file. After testing them, the way I assigned the slots is the only way to avoid EMB (black drawn lines) misplacement or another issues. Check first if you're ok with the choosen vanilla hairs before replacing them.

    Please, don't ask me to resize the haircuts or fix the clipping of the long ones because I'm not skilled enough to do it. Sorry, but If you don't like them the way they are, just don't use them :)

    Enjoy them and have fun!

    Feel free to use it in your mod. Just give me some credit ;)

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    Drag and drop.

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