(UPDATE) Cabba & Frost Reshade (Division’s T.A.G)

  • descriptionDescription

    T.A.G Reshade for Cabba and Frost based on DIVISION'S mod

    This mod does not claim to be a theft of Division's work, but a complement with new content and little changes for the mods that he already did.


    • Cabba and Frost reshade
    • SSGSS kaioken reshade
    • Other changes (see changelog)


    If you want the full character roster reshade, please download it from DIVISION'S  mod page:


  • speaker_notesInstallation


  • event_noteChangelog


    • Cabba and Frost reshade
    • SSGSS kaioken reshade
    • Piccolo's cape reshade fix
    • Goku GT clothing color adjustment
    • Goku SSJ4 clothing color adjustment
    • Pan's gloves and boots color change
    • Whis skin color adjustment
    • Goku Black hair reshade adjustment


    • Frost color adjustment
    • Cabba minor change
    • Vegito clothing color adjustment
    • Android 18 hair color adjustment
    • Dodoria clothing color adjustment
    • Zarbon clothing color adjustment/cape reshade