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    As you may already know, Ahms (Amuzu) is a new villain, from Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission (SDBHWM) newest game. It is Sealas "pet". This pokemon-like creature is an artificial intelligence and has the ability of taking other fighters data and assimilate their power like a kind of fusion.

    Sukoji, Falcon and me imported some models from the SDBH game and also we used some XV2 assets to build the mods. They are not perfect but I think they are good enough and fun to play. Note that versions of hit+goku black and cell+frieza can transform. They cannot in the original game but i thought it would be a nice addon. So enjoy the pack! 😉

    This mod pack contains four mods:

    -AHMS (Database)

    -AHMS (Frieza+Cell)

    -AHMS (GokuBlack+Hit)

    -AHMS+Sealas (Final Form)

    Of course big thanks to my dear friend Arcky for the showcase 😉

    Oh forgot to gave credits to revamp team for gokurose hair. So thanks 😉

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    -Eternity's patcher and installer

    -Install Lazybones 3.1 and azura's auras 4.0 (recommended)

  • event_noteChangelog

    1.1 Updated some Ahms gokublack+hit problems. (It seems I uploaded an old version twice, Sorry)

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