UPDATED! Goku SSJ Berserk/Rage (SDBH Universe Mission)

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    UPDATED!!!! v2.0 (see last screenshot)

    New portraits! (thanks kichan 😉 )

    Now it has the true Goku Berserk aura! yellow(orange)/Black + black sparks!!!!

    There are 2 mods:

    -Goku SSJ Berserk/Rage (SDBH Universe Mission) Capsule Corp Gi.

    -Goku SSJ Berserk/Rage (SDBH Universe Mission) Broken Gi Torso.

    Both mods go separately. I did like that because the one with nude torso is not cannon and some of you might not want to install it or have this second slot and also because it was an idea I had when the main mod was already finished.

    ALSO BE CAREFUL!!! The mod has custom aura. Just make a backup of your data/vfx/cmn folder . If you dont want to use it, give it ssj2 (aura 6) with characreator.

    Another thing. The screenshots dont show the final mod. I mean, Capsule Corp logo and blue colours were fixed to more accurate ones to match the "anime", though you can see the final result in the thumbnail pic and second picture with both Gokus. For the final aura, you can check the last pic.

    Finally. I would like to give BIG THANKS to my master Someone1 for teaching so many things about modding, and fixing some stuff and also to lolosh (Kataki) for the aura. LUV YA GUYS!

  • speaker_notes Installation

    God Eternity's xv2patcher and xv2installer

  • event_note Changelog

    Planing to make custom charge to show black lightning too when charging

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