Vegeta (Galactic Patrol)

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    Vegeta with his armor and the galactic patrol sign on it.

    SSJ1 and SSJ2 in other slots.

    What about his SSJ God and Blue transformations? Sadly not included, I guess somebody it'll post soon or later.

    If you dont want to wait I included the texture in the file "DATA001.rar". Quick tutorial to do your own mod:

    1- Pick your SSJ God and/or SSJ Blue's Vegeta x2m file.

    2- Open the mod with WinRar.

    3- Extract only the 3 letter folder.

    4- Locate the "XXX_<Number>_Bust.emb" file. If there's more than one, most likely it'll be the 000_Bust.emb. Only the .emb file.

    5- Use "embpack.exe" to extract the textures (drag & drop, from libxenoverse, available in this web).

    6- In the new created folder with the same name as the emb file just replace the file "" if looks very similar to the one included in the rar.

    7- Drag & Drop the folder itself with the new texture in embpack to regenerate the Bust.emb file with the new texture.

    8- Overwrite original Bust.emb file.

    9- Edit with Eternity tools the original x2m file, just to "Generate new id" (very important) and to select the folder in the second tab with the modified files.

    10- Save changes. Use the x2vins to change the 3 letter code from the original one to a new & random code.

    11- Install & play.

    Hope you enjoy.

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    x2m installer.

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 - Original file.

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