Vegete god and Evo moveset for cac (All Races)

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    I'll just copy and paste what i always write.

    So i bring to you both of vegeta's movesets for all cac races, it's compatible with:

    • SSJ3 stance
    • Animated tails
    • All races and transformations.
    • Ki charge command (Block + Ligth Attack)

    That's it hope you enjoy. Let me know if you have problems with it.

    Thanks to my patrons for the support!

    And huge thanks to Bigthbudo, XeroGrand for being the best bois.

    My patreon: Dexio

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    Good ol' x2m

  • event_noteChangelog




    -Changed the ssj3 stance to normal ssj3 stance

    -Fixed sound issue when grabbing

    -Fixed animation error for first strong attack when transformed.