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    Just finished my Vegito Multiverse pack including so:

    • Vegito base -->> SS-SS2-SS3
    • Vegito base (Damaged gi)-->> SS-SS2-SS3
    • Vegito SS4
    • Vegito SSGSS
    • Vegito UI -->> MUI
    • Vegito UI (Damaged gi) -->> MUI

    1 new Super:

    • light blue-ish Soaring Fist

    1 new ultimate

    • Final Big Bang Kamehameha

    2 new custom transformations skills:

    • SS3
    • Mastered Ultra Instinct

    Based on this:

    I made 2 new hair meshes for SSJ2 and SSJ3, removing his front bang. Also, i fixed the SS4 hair i made a while back for my Vegito gt pack (that annoying clipping)  but i prefer to keep the red color, based on those old artworks before SDBH (its is black there).

    Thanks to my friends: high-boi Arcky for making the video showcase,  JrGokuSan for those back entries, Dexio for the tips about MUI skills/bac edit and VastoLordeZ for Final Big Bang Kamehameha skills

  • event_note Changelog

    v1.0 -->> Initial Release

    v2.0 -->> Fixed UI-MUI damaged Neck

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