Vegito Skills Pack

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    Hi everyone, I'm sorry for not being there for so long, I had some personal problems the last period and I couldn't have the time for modding...


    Vegito Skills Pack:


    I added some of Vegito's moves that are missing in the game (I know I did this mod before, but this time I improved the skills a lot):

    • Big Bang Flash (an Ultimate attack, it costs 3 ki bars)
    • Kamehameha Shot (a super move, the sphere variation of the kamehameha, it costs 1 ki bar)
    • Perfect Game (It's a counter, it counters melee and ki attacks, it costs 1 ki bar, but if you have enough ki you will fire a beam at the end of the attack)
    • Two-Handed Big Bang Attack (a super move, faster than the regular big bang attack but deals a bit less damage, it costs 1 ki bar)
    • Ultimate Final Kamehameha (this is the DBS version of the Final Kamehameha, this move is stronger than the regular one and can't be blocked, but it's slightly slower, it costs 5 ki bars)


    - And I also fully Fixed the colour of both Spirit Sword and Spirit Stab and gave them a shiny look the X2M file fixes the Actual Spirit Sword and Spirit Stab in the game.


    For the Death Blow skill, just to know I didn't forget about it, It's already finished and I'll upload it next.



    • Eternity, Lazybone and Olganix for their "Modding Tools"
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    1.0 Initial release