Vegito (Xeno) all forms

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    Vegito (Xeno) (Jap voice works too)

    1 slot. SSJ1-SSJ3.

    2 slot. SSJ1-SSJ4 with transformed moveset at last stage.

    3 slot. SSJ1-SSJ Kaio-ken (aka Super Kaioken).


    Single x2m with transformed ssj4 and custom moveset.


    Special thanks t3 for permission to use his movesets and lazybone for permission and help with his skills (I couldn't do it without them) and everyone else who supported and helped me.

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 Release.

    1.00000000001 name fixed)

    1.1 Updated non battle portait and added ssj4 as base with custom moveset as separate x2m mod.

    1.1.01 (XD) Removed rubbish from single x2m ssj4)

    1.11 Super Soul fix for transformed ssj4 Vegito as separate x2m

    1.12 More bulky bust for ssj4, different color and little remodel for ssj4 hairstyle. (last screenshot)

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  • Uploaderpentiumrusky
  • ModderPentium, Lazybone (transofrmation skills), t3l3s (basics movesets)
  • Version1.12
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  • UpdatedOct 20, 2018
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