Vida’s Oh-So-Wonderful SYF move set. (Also my first move set.)

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    I've basically put together a mix of Bardock's move set and Gogeta's super saiyan move set. (Yes, his stardust combo is possible.)

    I used Android 18's idle stance and Bojack's grab (Even if it does look a little... odd. I need to mess with the grab still.) I might switch it out for either Goku Ui's grab OR I might use Cell's grab.

    This is not Tail supportive, as this is my first ever DBXv2 moveset.

    I would add a video but OBS studio refuses to record Xv2 for some reason. That being said, if someone can send me a video to pin here, that'll be great.

    Update - Changed around a few bits of the basic combos. Now every light combo finishes with UI Goku's Light combo finish (because I liked the way it looked with a few combos...). I also added a few things from Gogeta Blue's combos and the female human combos, like their grab.

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    Drag and drop into your SYF folder.

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