Villainous Rival Pack Part 1

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    Hello Boi MRR7 Is here

    Now i Want to Sorry Cuz It Takes Too Long Time To get Upload Cuz I Have To Give Up Modding But Now im Back

    Ok Now This Mod Contains

    Goku(Villainous) SSB Goku (Villainous) Transformable To SSBK And SSBKX10 + Alternate Costume+alternate hair Color SSB Vegeta + Alternate And Extra Costume Majin Vegeta Vegeta (Villainous) All Of them Have Custom Skills

    Ask And Answers: You Guys:Hey why is SS4 Goku And Other Not Get Published Me:Its Still In Progress But Goku SS4 Is Ready to upload But Ill Upload It Later Cuz Im Making SS4 Vegeta And SS4 Gogeta and The Other Is Still In Experiment 2 You Guys: Why Da F*ck Is Going On With The Goku SSB S Belt Me:Making Mods Like This Is Hard I even Dont Know Why Da F*ck is Going on With Da Belt Maybe i Fix It Later 3 You Guys:Why Dont You Make Yt Channel For Review Your Mods Me:Too Lazy

    Ok Thank For Viewing And Downloading If You Guys A Youtuber That Review Mods Can you Review My Mods Cuz im too Lazy Too Review My Own Mods Comment If You Want to Make Review About My Mods

    Soon In Version 2 Goku SS4 Vegeta SS4 Gogeta Base And SS1 Vegeto Base SS1+ SSB And Their Custom Skills

    After This Mod Frieza and Cooler Villainous Pack

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    Version 1

    This is Even not My Final mods