Villianous Skill for CAC

  • description Description

    Z Warriors Discord Server:

    Here is a skill mod where you can unleash your evil power for more power! This is a first version meaning there will be more updates to it! This Skill is only available for Human and Saiyan in both genders for now.

    Mod worked by Z Warriors


    Dexio Rockeronder H.H Sentaku

    With outside help

    Son Goku DkatYang

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  • speaker_notes Installation

    Install this skill with the latest patcher version

  • event_note Changelog

    Version 1.0

    • Sound added
    • Custom transformation animation added
    • Villianous textures for ONLY HUM, SYM, SYF, HUF
    • Villianous moveset for ONLY HUM, SYM, SYF, HUF
    • Custom cameras added