X10 Double Sunday and Weekend (just recolors at the moment)

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    Here are those skills I mentioned in the comments of my last mod, which I could not possibly thank all of you enough for the positive feedback on so far. This is NOT the final version. I'm still working out some kinks. For instance, they occasionally won't make any noises if they're embedded into a roster character (I used SS4 Raditz as a test) and I haven't yet figured out how to increase the damage done. I've tried using YaBAC Organizer, but there's no Hitbox entry showing up for Double Sunday and all of them for Weekend are set to zero, so I have no reference to work off of and therefore no clue what I'm doing. If someone could inform me of a better and more understandable way to set damage numbers to these skills, it would be greatly appreciated.

    This isn't my first upload for today, so expect a small batch either today or tomorrow.

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    V1.0 - Release