X100 Warp Big Bang Kamehameha

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    A X100 Big Bang Kamehameha that warps you to the enemy and does roughly 18k damage (working on tweaking it down to 15k). Godly Version coming soon (still working on textures for it). Find in shop for 1 zeni. I forgot to take a screenshot of the skill in-game, so I had to re-use a previous screenshot for it. Will update screenshots as well.

    I take requests for skill conversions and custom skills. (If the skill is a blast, then I can't convert it into an awoken because it would be in-compatible with X2M.) If you want me to convert a skill from a mod, then you must get permission from the creator first. If the skill is from a DLC, then you must provide the files for the skill and it will not be released as a mod (which means you must also provide a way to contact you (whether it is discord, email, etc. it doesn't matter))

    Request mods here --> https://xenoversemods.com/forums/topic/request-mods-here/

    (I had to make a page, because it's starting to get hard keeping track.)

    Requested by: nanoessence369

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