[X2M] Goku (Expert) [Added Slot]

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    hi everyone, here is my next expert mod, I know I said I would be doing mira [final form] but I ran into some trouble making him but he will be released next guys and im thinking about giving him 2 variations if I can figure it out, but enough about that, without further ado here is my next mod goku expert and, inside this mod goku will be in his raditz outfit, and I mention that cause I may patch in a new outfit for him so this could be temporary. so here you go my next mod

    I will Be Doing Mira (Final Form) Next

  • speaker_notes Installation

    so there a 2 ways to install the mod!

    1: [A whole New Slot]: This is the usual installation method not much explaining here

    2:[Add A Variation To Goku Himself] Now here is a way to make this a Goku variation instead of a new character so first:

    • When Installing Click Append to Existing Slot
    • Then Click Goku
    • Then Done
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