Xeno and DBS Baby Vegeta (custom Moveset+Voice)

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    My interpretation of Xeno/DBH baby Vegeta And DBS with Custom Voice and Moveset with custom Skills like

    Super Charge ( a Charge Move)

    Tuffles Wrath (Faster Than Final Flash With New Camera and Blast Look)

    Revenge Death Ball MK.II (Faster Than super Spirit Bomb)

    Mutated Super Saiyan Blue (Custom animation And Aura)

    Stance And Start Animantion= Janemba

    Flying,Running,Walk etc= Bojack

    Grab/Throw= Ultimate Mira

    Combos= SSJ4 Vegeta

    Also This Is my Last Mod for A while Im  Taking A break Dont Worry ill be Back Idk when tho




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