Xeno Pan (Customs Skills, Moveset and transformations)

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    Xeno Pan is now in XV2 and with many slots.

    Slot 1: Xeno Pan (Base/SSJ/SSJ3/SSJ4)

    Slot 2: Xeno Pan SSJ

    Slot 3: Xeno Pan SSJ3

    Slot 4: Xeno Pan SSJ4

    Slot 5: Xeno Pan (Base/SSJGOD/SSJBlue)

    Slot 6: Xeno Pan SSJGOD

    Slot 7: Xeno Pan SSJBlue

    Slot 8: Xeno Pan(Base/UI/MUI)

    Slot 9: Xeno Pan UI

    Slot 10: Xeno Pan MUI

    All The Moveset, Transformations and Skills (Raid Blast Blue by Spire64) are by me. Hope you enjoy

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